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About Turkey

Republic of Turkey

Foundation: 1923 Language : Turkish (Uses Latin Alphabet) Flag: . white crescent and star in the middle with red background Turkish National Anthem : Turkish National Anthem (Independence March) Capital city: Ankara Currency : Turkish Lira Location:   Republic of Turkey is a country located at North Hemisphere at the intersection point of European and Asian continents. Majority of country’s territories are in Anatolian peninsula and the remaining part is located at Thrace which is extension of Balkan Peninsula.  . Country is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea as well as the Straits connect Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea with the said seas. Area : 814 578 square kilometer (314 500 square mile) 3% located at European continent and 97% located at Asian continent  Population :  (Source:  Population is 72.561.312 as of 1 December 2008 http://www.tuik.gov.tr ​​) recall Code : (+90) Electricity: 220 VOLT Time: Local time is GMT + 2  hours. The whole country is in the sametime zone. (Local time is seven hours ahead of USA- Eastern standard time)  Weight and Measurement:Metric and Kilo system

Public Holidays in Turkey:

- New Year’s day  : 1 January 
- National Sovereignty and Children’s Day : 23 April 
- Labor and Solidarity Day : 1 May  
- The commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day : 19 May
- The Victory Day : 30 August 
- The Ramadan  (Fast- Breaking Festival): (2010), 09-11 September 
- Republic Day:  29 October
- Festival of Sacrifices  (2010), 16-19 November


Istanbul located at the center of the Old World is one of the world biggest cities with its historical monuments and gorgeous natural views.  The only city established on two continents: Located at the point where Asia and Europe is separated by the Bosporus.  Istanbul has a history of more than 2500 years and the territory and seas have been always an important trade center since its establishment on that strategic area.

Istanbul’s old town is located at the peninsula surrounded by Marmara sea, Bosporus and the Golden Horn. The city was capital of three great empires, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires and 120 emperors ruling the world for more than 1600 years.    No city throughout the world can argue such a specialty.  Istanbul surrounded by Roman city walls in 5th century and established on seven hills has been ornamented by art pieces of Turkish art and hills, sultan’s mosques and provide an excellent, magnificent and peaceful silhouette all over.   The Golden Horn being a very safe and natural port had an important role in development of the city.  Istanbul has been always the city of tolerance where there are mosques, churches and synagogues located side by side. The city developing dynamically develops at full speed along with Marmara coasts in east-west direction.  Istanbul is a metropolis which may be compared to New York and London with its five stars hotels providing gorgeous accommodation opportunities and assertive restaurants.

What to do in Istanbul?

Existing daily tours give you the opportunity all year long to visit most important historical places, museums, famous Grand Bazaar and its surrounding.  Half day tours to monuments located at the historical peninsula. Tours which start from hotels’ ports. A great chance to visit gorgeous museum of the Haghia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Mosque (know also as the Blue Mosque), Hippodrome and  Topkapı Palace.  And you may also participate in Bosporus or Asian side tours.  You may return home with unforgettable and nice memories.

You need 3 to 4 days to see Roman walls, frescoes and mosaics of late Byzantine age, Chora Museum, famous Galata Tower, city’s magnificent panorama as well as Dolmabahçe Palace- Archaeological Museum in the Bosphorus, the richest palace museum of Turkish- Islamic Art Museum, Spice Bazaar and many others. 

Istanbul is a place where the antique and modern come together.  Istanbul has many great options.  The Grand Bazaar and surrounding reputable shopping malls Ak Merkez, Galleria, Capitol as well as stores and boutiques in Nişantaşı, Beyoğlu and Bağdat Avenue provide services all year long. 

Along with its historical importance and cultural heritage, the city is furnished with modern hotels, elegant restaurants, night clubs, bars, historical bazaars and stores.