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Patient Rights


Dear Patients, accompanists and visitors; In our hospital to which you have visited to protect, maintain or recover your health, you may encounter various concepts and practices apart from your daily life.  During the time you receive healthcare services from our hospital, you are required to cooperate with the entire personnel within our hospital and to be aware of your rights and responsibilities in order to enable us to be beneficial for you and to get the best results from your treatment.  As Private Göztepe Hospital, our fundamental aim is to provide healthcare services along with accurate- safe medical practices in a way compatible with human dignity and creating satisfaction of our patients.  As of the moment of applying to our hospital, regarding all diagnosis and treatment approaches applied to them, we aim our patients to be aware of their rights and responsibilities to prevent any violation of rights and related issues as well as we aim to train our entire personnel in this direction in the best way.   We have prepared a Patient Rights and Responsibilities Booklet in order to inform you on patient rights and responsibilities and to establish a proper and clear communication with you.  We kindly present our wishes for your health and well being.  For further demands, opinions and suggestions in relation with our hospital:

• You may fill up the inquiry form available at our web site

• You may fill up the inquiry form available in our hospital

• You may send an e-mail to info@goztepehastanesi.com.tr 

• You may ask for a face-to-face meeting at Patient Rights Department.

• You may contact with Patient Rights Department at phone number 0 216 565 40 65 and make contribution in enabling us with your suggestions to reach the perfection.

PATIENT RIGHTS- Benefiting generally from the service and Receiving service in equality:

Patients receiving healthcare services, patient relatives and each individual applying to our hospital have the right to benefit from all our services in a comfortable environment respecting social values, protecting dignity, safety and peace without cultural, religious, language, race or communion discrimination. Our patients have the right to get informed on diagnosis and treatment opportunities provided by our hospital and how to receive these services.

Informational and Approval Right Our Patients;

has the right to get information personally or through their legal representatives on recommended medical interventions and any potential risk and benefit of any intervention, alternatives of recommended interventions, complications they may encounter without treatment and their medical condition with the language and method they can understand.  Our patients have the right to decide on or refuse treatment to be applied after being informed on side effect risks related to their diseases, risk of death, issues related to recovery and result of treatment.  In case that our patients exercise that right, it is considered that they have consented transactions to be carried out.  Patients who refused the recommended treatment cannot be deprived of other care and treatment opportunities of the institution.  Our patients have the right to get information on accurate evaluation and treatment of disease about which they complain.  Our patients and their families (relatives) have the right to get information on organ and other tissues donation.  Our patients have the right to get information on hospital’s mission.

Right to Choose and Change the Institution and Establishment:

Our patients have the right to choose and change the healthcare institution as well as to benefit from healthcare services provided by chosen healthcare institute.

Right to Recognize, Choose and Change the Personnel:

Our patients have the right to learn identities, duties and titles of doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel responsible of their treatment and to choose and change them.

Right to Refuse and Stop the Treatment:

Except legally mandatory cases and provided that responsibility of any negative result should be assumed by the patient, patients have the right to refuse or to ask to stop the treatment planned to be applied or being applied.

Privacy Right: 

Our patients have the right to receive services in a suitable environment complying with privacy during the entire treatment.  Physical condition, medical condition, and all personal details of all individuals applying to our hospital are protected in privacy even in case of death.  All details pertaining to patients may be disclosed only in case of clear consent of patients or upon court order.

Right of Respect:

Our patients have always the right to have examinations and receive treatment in a respectful, compassionate and cheerful environment by protecting their personal dignity under any circumstance.

Right to Ask Consultation:

Our patients have the right to call a consulting physician concerning diagnosis and treatment. Consulting physician may recommend his treatment however, patient’s primary doctor shall approve the process.

Right to Fulfill his Religious Duties:

Our patients have the right to fulfill their religous duties freely without any religious discrimination provided that it doesn’t prevent the treatment.

Security Right:

Everybody has the right to be safe and to ask safety in the healthcare institution.  Necessary measures to protect and ensure life and property safety of patients, visitors and relatives such as accompanists have been taken by our hospital.  Appropriate protective measures have been taken by our hospital for children, disabled people and elderly (people being alone, people in need of care, people who has no accompanist).

Right to Have an Accompanist and Visitor:

Our patients have the right to have visitors and accompanist in conformity with procedures and provisions stipulated by our hospital.

Right to Submit a Complaint, Opinion and Suggestion: 

Patients and patients’ families have the right to initiate, revise, conclude the complaint mechanism and to get informed about the conclusion in our hospital in case of violation of patient rights.

Healthcare Institution’s Rules and Practices: Our patients have the right to get informed about hospital rules and practices to be applicable for them.

Examination and Treatment Fees: Our patients have the right to learn treatment service fees before the treatment and then, to demand and receive invoices of amounts paid in consideration of the service received.