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Why Check-Up ?


Although it is not possible to avoid aging, it is possible to have a long life and increase high life quality chance with periodic check-ups. Check-up is the general control of individuals who feel themselves healthy.   Sometimes it enables early diagnosis of diseases when there has been no symptom yet and facilitates their treatment. It doesn’t matter how old we are, check-ups enable us to look at the life more healthily and hopefully.  Since recently, methods used for diagnosis of diseases develop at an unprecedented pace, importance of check-up assessments on protection of our life comfort increases each passing day. Plan your personal check-up program with your doctor once a year as per your age, gender, genetic or acquired risks, demands and concerns.    According to your check-up results, you may direct your life style as necessary by complying with your doctor’s recommendations and you may prevent diseases you may have in future or you may minimize your risks.  If there is no problem in your results, you are naturally lucky.  If there is a problem, you may be considered lucky as well because early diagnosis and treatment rescue you from bad surprises caused by advanced diseases.

Before applying to our hospital for a check-up;

Please get an appointment beforehand for organization of services to be provided.

If any, bring any previous test result with you.

Apply to our hospital in the morning being hungry for minimum 10-12 hours.

Since it may affect your test results, abstain from red meat, excessive amount of dessert, alcohol and flatulent foodstuff in the previous day . 

Don’t take medicines which include iron and vitamin C in the two days before your control.  Bring the medicines you take with you. 

In case of any possibility of pregnancy, please inform your doctor during the check-up. 


It is quite ordinary to have some concerns about choosing a foreign country for healthcare services... We understand your feelings and provide assistance for all your needs and comfort during your stay as our guest along with a wide range of services.    Private Göztepe Hospital works also for you;

Appointment Planning
Communication with international insurance companies
Hotel booking
Airport Transfer
Estimated service cost
Hospital admission transactions
Communication with your doctor before and during treatment
Follow up and delivery of medical reports to patients
Assistance for payment procedures
Communication with your doctor after your treatment